At Advanced MRI of The Bahamas, we provide premium MRI imaging services with patient-centered care.

Our MRI System is a high field, whole body scanner with high resolution imaging quality. We provide uniform image quality that allows for early and accurate diagnosis of abnormality and disease.

Our Radiologist is Bahamian licensed and U.S Board certified with over 25 years of experience. Once your scanning is complete, your physician will receive a comprehensive report for all scans within 24hrs and same day interpretations can be provided for requested cases.

We also provide secured physician access to patient reports and scans through an online network, making access to scans easy and convenient for your physician.


All MRI examinations must be ordered by a physician.

Individuals should consult with their physician if they have had any of the following:  Brain, Ear, or Eye Surgery

• Metal implants
• Neurostimulator (TENS unit)
• Pacemaker
• Aneurysm clips
• Cochlear implants
• Biostimulator
• Mechanical heart valves
• Insulin pump

• Copper IUD
• Surgical staples
• Biomedical implants
• Vascular clips
• Shrapnel or bullet fragments
• Transdermal patch
• Severe anemia
• Severe claustrophobia


MRI is free of ionizing radiation and therefore very safe. Preparation is not required for most examinations and patients can wear their own clothing as long as it is free of metallic objects.

We do, however, provide comfortable metallic free clothing for your MRI examination if needed. You will be asked to remove all metallic objects from your person before entering the MRI examination room. Common examples of metallic objects are hearing aids, keys, coins, jewelry, glasses, credit cards and hair pins or accessories.


Please be aware that most MRI scans are completed within 30 minutes. Depending on the information needed by your physician, it may take longer. During your scan, patients will be lying comfortably on their back and must always remain relaxed and motionless. MRI imaging is very sensitive to motion; any motion will blur your images. At Advanced MRI of The Bahamas, to assist our patients with this process, our MRI System offers variable lighting, fresh air supply, a handheld call button and a comfortable table design that includes a soft mattress, and a headset to enjoy a customized music selection while being scanned.

The scanning process does not cause any pain; however, you will hear a mild knocking sound as the MRI machine takes its pictures. A trained MRI Technologist will perform your exam and can be called with the use of a call button at any time during your scan.